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emailGPM Metal Ltd has been involved in the construction of steel structures and buildings all over the island of Cyprus for many years. Our steel structure projects are always designed according to the architectural and static drawings of the customer, based on their needs, characteristics, and desires.
Why us? 
The company is fully equipped with a selection of types of machinery such as Automatic cutting and drilling machinery of the VOORTMAN Company, Automatic machinery for angle cheats and plates with drilling and punching, 5 and 8-ton Cranes, Automatic sandblasting, and painting, etc.
Code Design: Building range products designed strictly to building code requirements, Minimum roof live load, Ground snow load capability, Wind load capacity, GPM Metal structural framework is structurally independent of the membrane cladding and does not rely on the cladding to brace framing members, Experienced, qualified and responsible in-house design and engineering capability.
Materials and Detailing: Structural steel member sizes appropriately calculated on a project by project basis, All welded structural steel components post-production hot-dip galvanized to provide superior corrosion protection, Flange joints, cable elements, hardware and trim finishes properly sized and detailed, Structural trusses properly braced with horizontal purlins and frames at regular intervals to provide appropriate lateral bracing, Vertical side and gable walls and planar roof surfaces provide for interface with standard doors, mechanical systems and allow alternate wall cladding materials.
Installation: Factory certified technicians and crews experienced and trained in equipment operation, rigging, first aid, and safety, Site work conducted per European standards, excellent site safety experience.
Proven Track Record in Cyprus: No structural failures of our building steel frame range products since our founding, GPM Metal building steel structure range products have survived force winds, earthquakes, and fires without a structural failure.